Contribute to The NIMBY

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Everywhere we’ll be, for how long, is already mapped out for you. Just book a plane ticket, shoot us an email and you have somewhere to stay.


We get it. Brandon’s a slob, Michelle likes to sing—even though she’s tone deaf—and you’re allergic to our cats. But you’re traveling anyway and you’re a talented writer/photographer/smartass with a knack for meeting cool people. If you’re any or all of these, you can contribute. And we hope you all do.

The most rewarding content will be generated by a quick conversation about your trip with us beforehand—with suggestions on what to look for, ask about and experience.

But feel free to do your trip your way and send us your trove of documentation later on! If we haven’t touched base prior to your trip, click this link and follow the instructions. Shouldn’t take more than a half hour, and your trip will not only be shared with the world, but saved forever for you to enjoy over and over.