About Us

Welcome to The NIMBY, the journalism and travel venture of Brandon Quinn and Michelle Trauring.

Practicing our craft in the Hamptons over the last five years was both fruitful and rewarding, but living in the shadow of the world’s most rich and powerful had run its course for us. It was time for new faces, new experiences and new ways of looking at life.

The NIMBY co-founders spelunking in Costa Rica.
The NIMBY co-founders spelunking in Costa Rica.

The NIMBY—short for The News In My Backyard—will cover the people, places and ideas of the locales we call home over the next year.

While this adventure is certainly about the journey—to be told through the eyes of our tenacious cats, Clarke and Shelby—its focus lives in the destinations themselves and what makes them tick.

Think Humans of New York meets The California Sunday Magazine.

On February 6, we started in Ecuador, immersing ourselves in the country’s rural coastline, wild rainforests and native cities over the next 2 1/2 months. From there, our backyard changes to Margarita Island, off the coast of Venezuela, only to be traded in one month later for the Pacific Northwest in Point Roberts, Washington. From there? To be determined.

The idea is to find at least one person in each “backyard” who strives for journalistic truth, lives for everyday curiosities and knows how to tell a good story. They will pick up where we leave off, weaving together a community of contributors that will, one day, cover the entire globe with us.